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Jamsgiving Paul’s Taverm Belmar, NJ 11.23.16
John & Peter’s New Hope, PA w/ Dean Ween 3.12.16
Brooklyn Bowl NY w/ Rusted Root 12.9.15
Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ w/ Avett Brothers! 8.16.15
Cutting Room NYC w/ Al Schnier of moe. sitting in 2.26.15
Brooklyn Bowl NY 7.29.14

Nectar’s Burlington, VT 8.12.14
Song by Song by Song reaches #9 on the Relix Magazine/Jambands.com Radio Charts for May 2014.
The songs are true works of art, gems in the rough that have been presented to the listener for their own interpretation and value. If you’re looking for music that fights for its individual living, breathing place in this realm, you owe it to yourself to listen to Song By Song By Song.~Aquarian Weekly
The album is full of stunning instances. It’s during these skillfully crafted moments that a song is able to evoke feelings of nostalgia ~Relix Magazine
The three voices swirl over, under and sideways of each other. The effect is galvanizing. Add keyboards, drums and sax and you’ve got a stunning brew that gets more and more intoxicating with each listen. ~Goldmine Magazine
MMB can clearly write one hell of a pop song, and ‘Song By Song By Song’ is littered with gorgeous guitar melodies and uplifting hooks throughout.”~Americana UK
Song by Song by Song is, in short, music to get you high. You won’t need a damn thing besides the disc itself, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be grinning and saying “Man, but that was a good time! Play it again! I reallllllly needed that!” ~FAME
Mike Montrey is one of the music scene’s most commanding frontmen and inventive guitarists. ~Gannet Publications

The sound of MMB (Mike Montrey Band) has a rugged outline — awareness of life’s tremors pepper the lyrics, sung with a tenor that both trembles and soars, seemingly made for this kind of poetry. Yet it’s the high-spirited melodies and flowing, exploratory warmth of the musicianship that keep this six-piece from settling anywhere near easy classification; “indie acoustic singer-songwriter,” “sultry, jazzy zouk” or “roots” could aptly be applied at any given performance. Lively and infectious melodies have been a mainstay of Mike Montrey Band, and their newest release, Song By Song By Song, attests to that fact. Mike Montrey (guitar, vocals) pours himself into each track, delivering soulful vocals while perfectly adding exceptional guitar playing. Jen Augustine (vocals) contributes a warm, rich voice while Duke (bass, vocals) and Karl Dietel (keyboard, piano, vocals) complete the vocal quartet to produce the lush harmonies on tracks such as “Therapeutic Bliss” and “The Sunshine.” Adam Garnys (saxophone) gives Mike Montrey Band a unique, funky presence, while Rob Smith (drums) drives the rhythm section with an impressive repertoire of musical stylings. Each song on Song By Song By Song was crafted individually and subsequently released as a single, some with an accompanying video, all over the course of 15 months. This production strategy allowed the project to take on a life of its own, and over a year’s worth of life experience can be found reflected in this album. Despite being released individually, the tracks sound as if they were written and recorded together, and the album flows from beginning to end.

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